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Our Females



Gigi is our pretty chocolate female with the most mesmerizing gold eyes. Gigi is small, compact with a nice big round head and such pretty expressions. Gigi's sweet and calm temperament is so nice to have as a pet and in our breeding program. Her temperament will be passed on to all her puppies, any future families receiving one of Gigi's puppies will be blessed.




Gracie is one of our smaller Blue females and was bred right here at Poetic French Bulldogs. She has very nice confirmation, short and stocky with a nice topline.  Gracie's face is really pretty with lots of rolls and wrinkles which she gets from some of the nicest lines in rare French Bulldog colors. Gracie's temperament is one of the sweetest! She is always gentle and sweet, she loves to be in your lap or by your side.  Gracie is very laid back and funny, two qualities I find very important when breeding. Her coat is very light blue and her puppies will be extra silvery and light colored.




Irish, what can I say, she has the nicest confirmation for a female that carries rare colors! Pictures don't do her justice! She has lots of champion bulldogs in her lines, I knew when she was a puppy she was going to be special! Her head is beautifully shaped with lots of rolls and wrinkles and she has a super nice top line. Irish is very playful and sweet, she loves to be around people and other dogs, shes very outgoing. We look forward to some possible show prospects and beautiful puppies from her!



Abra is our black and tan girl, who will produce black & tan and blue & tan puppies with very exotic distinct markings. We are so excited to see her puppies! Not only is her color rare and beautiful but she has the sweetest temperament! She is very gentle and corky. Abra is low to ground and has a nice broad chest with a pretty head and body. She's a Shrinkabull's Once in a Blue Moon grand-daughter. We love her!



BB is our little spit fire Frenchie girl! BB is a total beauty who is full of personality, she has such a pretty face with a proportionate head and body.  Her puppies are so tiny and adorable with little spit fire personalities like mom :) BB's lines include some of the best like Shark and Inki Iz Palevyh, she is also grand-sired by Blue Suede.



Gremmy is our sweet little doll, she owns our hearts with her pretty face and sweet corky personality! Gremmy has the perfect size head and a short back, she is small and proportionate, the perfect little package. We love her, thank you to her breeder Karsten.




Raja is our Red Sable female with a beautiful marking mix of black, white, red and fawn. She is very smart, sweet and gentle which makes for the best temperament in a Frenchie. Bred to the right male she can produce a rainbow of rare and standard colors. We are very excited to see her adorable munchkins soon!