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News for all Frenchie Lovers!!

News for all Frenchie Lovers!!

Via: DailyMail

Action movie star Jeremy Renner has been left mourning the life of his best friend after his dog died suddenly. His little 8-month-old miniature French bulldog, Franklin, died suddenly last weekend at a Little League baseball game in Orange County, California. Unfortunately for Jeremy, 41, he wasn't able to be present when his faithful friend passed away. Franklin was with Jeremy's other good friend and business partner Kristoffer Winters when the shock death happened. Winters was looking after the puppy for the day and decided to take him along to watch his nephew play baseball. According to TMZ, the small dog was running around in extremely hot temperatures of around 80 degrees Fahrenheit, and then began to vomit before suffering convulsions. Reports suggest that Winters was actually away getting a snack when the dog fell ill and as he returned he found the cream-colored canine in the arms of a stranger. The website said that around three different people tried to resuscitate little Franklin but their efforts were in vain and then dog died at around 2pm.

French Bulldogs are notoriously sensitive to overheating and are advised not to exercise in high temperatures. The French Bulldog was adopted by Renner last year and the pair were seen on the set of his new The Bourne Legacy movie in September last year.



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